It’s an exciting month for us here at GTC as our new website is launched and we branch out into offering the creation of bespoke courses via e-learning. Our Instructional Design team can create responsive, engaging and fresh e-Learning courses, but why choose e-Learning and how can it benefit your workforce?

Over the years e-Learning has fallen foul of criticism for a variety of reasons, learners sometimes lacked the relevant technical skills, an inadequacy of the required infrastructure such as computers and high internet bandwidth and unresponsive ‘flat’ courses which failed to motivate.

Technology and the workforce have, however, moved on. Software to produce responsive high-quality courses is far more user friendly, up to date technology is now the norm and our experience of technology in every walk of life whether it be when we shop, or pay for parking has enabled computer skills to develop organically.

The fundamental advantage of e-Learning is accessibility, in our busy, fast paced lives we can access courses and learn in a flexible way when we choose. On the train, during the lunch hour, in a waiting room – e-Learning is now accessible on all devices and we can learn in small chunks when it most suits us.

E-Learning can also be more focused – allowing you to concentrate on the subject matter that you don’t feel confident in. In a classroom situation the content is led by the trainer and you may wish to focus on one area more than another, e-Learning allows this flexibility and you have the material and the ability to re-visit modules again and again should you wish to do so.

For the employer there is no doubt that E-Learning is more cost-effective, it simply takes less time to deliver e-Learning than it does a classroom-based course. No time is used asking and answering questions which may be irrelevant to the whole group, no travel time needs to be considered and the general cost is lower.

With this in mind we look forward to the next exciting phase at GTC which will be the launch of our own suite of courses entitled ‘GTC Fundamentals’ in a range of topics, contact us if you would like alerts on when these courses go live.

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Posted on 18/11/2019

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