Formulating a learning strategy is challenging at the best of times, however, during this period of uncertainty, it’s even more challenging, writes Nigel Paine for the Training Zone. As organisations prepare to navigate these turbulent times there is no doubt that Business Strategies will have to be reshaped and for those brave enough, they will cast a strategic vision that will enable growth and success. To do this there are some key principles to follow, writes Leslie Hassler for Entrepreneur Europe.

Embrace Change – Change is inevitable and is probably already happening within your business so now is the time to get ahead of it and not treat the symptoms – by treating the problem you employ change to work with you, not against you.

Prioritise Customer Needs – In today’s climate customer’s needs and their problems are in a constant state of change, staying in tune with them is key to ensure you can adapt to solve their problems.

Work Smarter not Harder – Working smarter is about leveraging the talents of people and collaboration. Consider your workforce, are they more productive working from home or being in the office? Do you need a hybrid solution?

For any of these principles to move forward effectively you will almost certainly need a Learning Strategy which is in synergy with your Business Strategy. To take on these new challenges, employees will need upskilling, retraining and supporting, and a clear vision of how this will be done needs to be communicated to them to avoid uncertainty in the workplace.

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Posted on 17/02/2021