According to the Open University, a quarter of the UK workforce are learning new skills to guard against coronavirus uncertainty. Here at GTC we have been busy designing responsive, interactive, short courses which are easily accessible to individuals or the whole team, via mobiles, desktops and laptops in the comfort of your home. We need sprints not marathons to rapidly get people back into jobs – which for some will need some degree of upskilling.

The Training Journal refers to ‘Smart Learning – not just learning’ with the preference for learning as needed, anytime, anywhere (on the go?) – which means easily accessible on-line learning will still be the delivery mode of choice.

Collaboration not competition will be key – (working together across all sectors). This new collaborative approach will require excellent communication skills – a key areas to focus on. Head over to to see how we can provide you with the skills needed to navigate out of the current climate.

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Posted on 08/12/2020

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