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Inducting New Employees – help your staff to hit the ground running


Are you giving new staff all the tools and information they need to succeed in your company?

Do you want to retain your employees and create a positive company culture?

A robust induction is essential to ensure your new employees slot into the workforce seamlessly.

This course will give you all the tools necessary to make this happen.


Interviews and how to conduct them – getting the best out of your candidates

The course comprises 4 lessons which provide a thorough review of how interviews should be conducted across many different sectors and relevant to multiple settings.

The course covers topics such as

  • Interview formats – Are you the choosing the best way to get the most out of your candidates?
  • General Interview Considerations – General Interview pointers.
  • Interview Preparation – Preparation is key – are you doing enough of the right preparation?
  • Choosing your interview style – are you a hawk or a dove?
  • Interview guides – creating effective tools.
  • Interview Assessments – Data analytics – what do you do with the data you collect?
  • Good Interviewer Practices – Before you end the interview – Tips and Tricks?

The course content is followed by a Multiple Choice Assessment at the end based on scenario questions.

Upon successful completion, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded.




90 minutes

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